be weird. be brave. be intentional.
because what do you really have to lose anyways? 

If you like sing alongs + basically having your own concert in the car, going on spontaneous trips to Marshall's with little to no notice, hanging out with furry four legged friends, eating all the cookie dough out of the ice cream bowl + crying your eyes out to a good chick flic, then I'm your girl!

I take a lot of pride in the person I've grown to be. Having a servants heart and mind that loves to create is something I've always admired about myself. These qualities have led me into one of the most rewarding professions I could possibly be in!

Things that make my heart go boom boom boom

My hubs. I feel like that's all I really need to say, haha. This man knows me better than I know myself, I swear it. He's been my best friend & solid ground for years and every day we grow more and more in love with each other. He makes me belly laugh, challenges me and absolutely and completely adores me and that's all I really want in life. In him I have found a best friend who gets excited over having Chipotle for dinner with me, even if it's the second night in a row, he doesn't hesitate when I want to build a makeshift movie theatre pad in our living room for our wedding anniversary weekend and he always goes along with my wild ideas without once doubting I can't make it happen. This man has my whole heart and more and I'd be absolutely mad without him.


Ohhhhh, Max + Stella. My big precious babes - where would I be in life if I didn't have these two wiggle butts to spend my time with every day?! I don't ever want to know the answer to that one. These two keep us busy that's for sure - they expect constant love and attention and they deserve nothing less! If there's a beach day, they come with. If we go hiking, they're climbing rocks right alongside us. If we wanna sit and watch movies all day, they're the best ones to cuddle while doing it. These guys are our biggest blessing and our best buddies all in one and even though Stella farts like a man and Max whines like a hyena I still wouldn't have them any other way.

I don't know about you, but there's something so refreshing about discovery. Sometimes you've just gotta get out and explore, whether that's in your own neck of the woods or several states away - I love going to new places and experiencing the beauty of somewhere unknown. It's an even better time when I get to bring the hubs and our two fur babes along for the adventure! And you already know that I'll be heavily documenting all the things that happen during our adventures, drawing inspiration from every place, person and thing I come across. I can't wait to see where we end up next!



movie nights, pizza dates, couch cuddles, wine tastings, comedy junkies, appreciators of good music

walkies, fetch in the yard, couch cuddles, ear rubs, goodnight kisses, the way we spend our mornings

sunsets, mountain views, new adventures, salty waves, sunkissed skin, new traditions, memories to last a lifetime

a few of my favorite things

being a plant mom

Friends & New Girl reruns

gettin' jiggy with it - anywhere

craft beer & wine tastings

fluffy blankets + fall candles

hiking + swimming like a kid

food that's extra spicy

floor sits + candid moments

car concerts with friends or just me

board games + quality hangs

If there's anything I've learned in life it's to enjoy it. Like seriously enjoy it. Embrace love every chance you get, laugh more, pray more and eat all of the cookie dough. You really have no idea how quickly things can change and life is pretty damn unexpected sometimes.

Back in May 2017 my mom was in a horrible motorcycle accident. She was thrown off of the back of a motorcycle and run over by a pickup truck. Unresponsive, she was immediately rushed to Shock Trauma. She spent 15 daunting days in the hospital before she could be released and I never missed a day with her. I washed her hair, helped her change her clothes, did her makeup and did everything in my power to make her feel loved.

One broken clavicle, four broken ribs, a broken spine, one collapsed lung and three surgeries later, she was released. I realized in those moments of caring for her how close we came to losing her. The thought absolutely tore me apart.

I realized I had all of these beautiful memories with my mom but hardly any photos to show for it.  My mom very quickly became my 'Why' and I didn't realize it until every time our family was together they knew my camera was going to be with me and everything was going to be documented. 

The connection I feel with each of my clients is on a much deeper level now. I know now from my own personal heartaches and experiences just how important photos are. 

Why do I feel that capturing moments are so important?

i loveee






not my thang






life with my hubs

best friend, cuddle buddy, beer partner


wiggle butts, sloppy kisses, so much love to give

morning coffee

dance dance dance

anywhere, at anytime, with anyone

pumpkin pie everythang

little details

sometimes moments are in the details

a good love story

a hopeless romantic at heart

fun hikes

with rewarding views

outgoing personalities

good food

anything that gets the taste buds boomin!

I've never met a stranger

closed minded people

explore new things, embrace diversity

dry wine

awkward silence

wrinkled linens

bad customer service

it costs nothing to be nice to people

scary movies


organization calms me

creepy crawlies

cold drinks

brain freeze is real, you guys

empty dance floors

if any of this resonates with you then we will be instant friends